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(905)-643 is the predominant area code and interchange for Winona, ON which has an approximate population of 0 and covers the following zip codes L0R 1M0, L0R 2A0, L3M 4E7, L3M 4E8, L8E 4X2, L8E 4X6, L8E 4X7, L8E 4Y7, L8E 4Z6, L8E 4Z8, L8E 5A1, L8E 5A5, L8E 5E4, L8E 5E8, L8E 5E9, L8E 5K4, L8E 5L3, L8E 5M9, L8E 5R7, L8E 5V2.

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says i'm calling them but it is clear on my cell phone that i HAVE NOT EVER called this numberApril 21st

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