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(607)-795 is the predominant area code and interchange for Elmira, NY which has an approximate population of 91,000 and covers the following zip codes 14816, 14838, 14845, 14864, 14872, 14903.

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I got a text message from this number saying my Gmail account is compromised. Funny, I don't have a Gmail account. Spam? Phishing? Nothing good in this either way. Be warned.June 22nd

Fraudulent, scammer. calling my work many times. saying, they are from law firm but don't want to provide any info to me what is the name of law firm company they are working i will be arrested if i hang up the phone. harassing, aggressive, <br>rude demanding money from me, saying i owed them a money. i don't know this person. i want them to stop calling me at work but howNovember 6th

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